A few days old news now here's another one I saved up.

Beavers were extirpated from the UK c.500 years ago and were catastrophically hunted in the rest of Western Europe up until the early 1900s. Since then, with improved hunting regulations Beavers have spread back across large parts of their range European range however the chanel means that the UK remains almost beaver free.

Almost beaver free, apart from two small populations, one in Scotland (the result of a reintroduction trial) and the other in England, apparently founded by captive escapees.

I'm delighted to see these critters reestablishing themselves in the UK, and it seems somewhat odd to think that DEFRA are considering trapping one population with one hand while they explore reintroductions with the other. Personally I think it would be far better to just continue to monitor the Devon beavers and see what becomes of them.