When frost hits fruiting trees and bushes for the first time, any remaining fruit starts to ferment. So, birds that eat the fruit-- trying to load up on calories in preparation for the cold ahead-- get tipsy and, just like humans, start to have trouble with basic motor skills.

Except for birds, "basic motor skills" includes "flying."

So to stop the poor feathered beasts from drunkenly flying into windows, Environment Yukon set up a safe house where the birds could sleep off the effects of alcohol. If you glance outside and notice a bird wobbling around, flying in weaving lines, or propping itself up with its wings to stay steady-- call your local wildlife rehabilitation center! They'll set up a nice warm place for the bird to stay overnight.

Birds are not the only animals to get drunk- check out this video of African animals feasting on fallen (and fermented) fruit. You may recognize some of the symptoms!